Spring is in full swing, at least in most places, and here are some news from the coop for you!


It’s time for another contest!

We want to know who your favorite Chicken Wings Character is! Simply post his or her name and a short explanation why you like them underneath todays comic and/or on facebook. Or you can tweet us as well.

You’ll automatically be entered into a drawing for a “No decaf” coffee mug! As a second prize we’ll also give away our new book “Chucks Helicopter Adventures”.

The rules are simple and we’ll randomly draw the names next Monday and announce the winner next Tuesday!

AERO 2014

Stefan is going to be at the AERO convention in Friedrichshafen again. This year, instead of just roaming the halls, he will be signing books at the Fliegermagazin booth!

So everybody who will be there on Thursday or Friday, be sure to drop by and say hi! The exact times of the signing aren’t set yet, but we will keep you updated on our website and Facebook page.

The show goes from Wednesday, April 9th to Saturday, April 12th.


And last but not least, a little plug for another project that Stef is involved in, for everybody who is curious what else he is doing all day long when he’s not drawing chickens.

Take a look at “Tozzle Words“, an iPhone app for kids. It is a very well made word puzzle that teaches kids how to spell in multiple entertaining levels of playful learning.

The developers put a lot of almost neurotic love for detail in the game. Stefan was hired for the graphics, as long-time readers of Chicken Wings will be quickly able to tell by the drawing style. Check it out!