The Anaheim Heli Expo in Los Angeles is always one of the really good ones with a big turn-out (even though personally I’m kinda biased towards the Vegas show). And since Chuck doesn’t live far from there, it’s no surprise he NEVER misses this one!
Of course, it also isn’t a surprise that he gets lost in LA traffic and possibly gets sidetracked by Disneyland across the street.

This is actually the first show I am missing in 12 years due to other work commitments. I sure am sad that I won’t get to see all my buddies from all over the world. Some of you might know that I have held many functions there and was part of a lot of forums and meetings in my former job capacity. This year I will get to fly a giant orange helicopter around with a long line on instead. Things definitely could be way worse….

However “Chicken Wings” will still be there! Check out the “Vertical Daily Show News” and make sure to stop by the Vertical booth for great giveaways which also include Chicken Wings books!