This exchange happened almost exactly the same way in real life. It was many moons ago on my first charter flight ever as brand new Part 135 pilot when I had 2 couples for a tour over Malibu in the Bell Jet Ranger. We were fully loaded and I was a little worried with this being my first job and all. On top of that, the couple decided they wanted to go up for more than an hour last minute (after I had fueled the helicopter already, of course) and they were big people. We were right at the max gross weight capabilities of the aircraft and I wanted their exact weights to be sure we’re not over.

The guy who paid for the flight told me everybody’s weight while being very confident about how much his wife weighs. But she overheard the conversation and me asking about exact weights and suddenly became nervous. She asked me why their weight was so important and I tried to explain my situation to her without going into too much detail. She leaned over and whispered “Well, actually itโ€™s 150, but donโ€™t tell my husband!” She probably thought that because of her lying to her husband about her weight we now won’t get off the ground.
I had to laugh because I had already written down 150lbs for her weight anyways since I always give myself some wiggle-room and the weight he gave me for her obviously seemed a little on the low side.

Of course I didn’t tell her that.