Well, that seems to conclude this strange series of events. It figures that Hans is the one who spoils the fun again. Anyway, it will be a relief for all those people out there who already bought a Virgin Galactic ticket!

By the way, everytime we draw a mini series and the publish it on our website, we get so many great ideas what could happen next and how to take the storyline into different directions. It actually made me think: Maybe we should start an open-ended story and let you guys decide what should happen next by letting you vote or give feedback in our forum or our Facebook page. But we’d have to wait for a time when I don’t have a hundred other things keeping my busy and know that I’ll have enough time to draw the strips quickly enough. And Mike has to be available too, which isn’t that easy, since he’s always flying around the country. But I kinda like the idea. I’m sure we’ll make it happen!