Chuck sure has his priorities straight. My guess is that his top priority right now is to spite Nobu. In a chummy sort of a way, I’m sure.

Somehow the whole idea of WW2 rivalries reminds me of a scene during my stay abroad in Tokyo. An American, a Brit, a Japanese and me, an Austrian, were sitting and having a beer together. It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it was a profound experience for me, because we were talking about how great it is that we all can be friends, when only a few decades ago our grandfathers used to fight each other in WW2. To me personally, it shows that hatred for other peoples and countries is not something innate, but something that is instilled from above.

The Roman empire is long gone, but their strategies, in particular “divide and conquer” are alive and well. Black against white, Christians against Muslims, East against West, rich against poor, French against Brits, Cowboys vs. Redsins (I mean the American football teams) etc. alll our petty rivalries serve the main purpose to focus our energies on people like us and topics which ultimately will not change or have no real significance. Only just don’t look up or at the man behind the curtain!

It makes me sad. Because when you travel you can see that 99% of all people would get along with each other well. Everybody wants to live a peaceful and happy life and be left alone. I think the best way to “fight the system” is to not perpetuate the stereotypes and hate and be loving and kind to everybody. If you feel like you hate a certain group, think twice, or preferably even more often about where that hatred comes from. It’s not from within you.

There, now you know it, I’m a Hippie at heart! Sorry for going all philosophical on you guys! Somehow this blog got a bit out of hand…