It was about time for Chuck to find another piece for his Corsair. We weren’t sure how much of the plane we would let him buy and if he will ever finish it. We like to think he will someday, at least I would like to see the plane done. But having this big fuselage be in the way for the next couple of weeks will give us plenty of new material. It’s actually kind of hard to draw a full sized Corsair for Stef since it’s such a big airplane compared to a Cessna 172 or Hughes 500, so forgive us for a slight scaling error here and there.

Of course, in true Chuck fashion, he is jumping the gun slightly on how to paint it. But I do admire Chucks continuing enthusiasm about everything aviation and flying. Since I fly for a living it’s not every day I wake up as enthusiastic as Chuck (especially when it’s 4am) but I do have a lot of great days where I think to myself “Man, I can’t believe I get to fly this thing for a living!” It’s a great feeling.

And here is a question to you guys: Should Chuck paint his Corsair like Ike Kepfords machine or more like Pappy Boyingtons? Let’s hear some opinions!