The real Nobu has a lot more stories about this particular subject since he has many more hours of flying helicopter tours than me. I had most of my “pukers” during fixed wing flights (among them my dear brother even) and not quite as many in helicopters. People are always surprised when I tell them that but I think with it fast moving skinny blades, a helicopter “cuts through” a lot of turbulence as compared to a stuck wing with a whole bunch of surface area for the turbulence to act on. Although, it’s been said that once you get sick in a helicopter, it will take you the better part of the day to recover. After many years of flying I have developed almost a 6th sense about spotting a puker before he or she gets in the aircraft. It has saved me from massive clean-up operations many times.

And on a side note: I have had days where I did so much flying and making so many decisions all day that when the clerk asks me at the end of the day if I wanted plastic or paper, I’m often so burned out and tired that I find myself unable to make that one more decision.

Has that ever happened to you?