So I guess sequestration finally hit Roost Air as well. Or did it? Having flown in and out of Santa Monica myself I know that they just “love” pilots like Chuck over there … 😉

But on a more serious note, we really think that the proposed tower closures will have a profound impact on aviation safety. A lot of “small towers” on that list aren’t all that small and a few of them are feeder airports underneath or around very busy airspace. So please call/write/fax your representatives in the pilot organizations, your senators, whoever you can find to fight this. It will hurt us all if this goes through. This isn’t just about the job loss on the controller side, this is about safety and human lives. There was a reason why those towers were put in in the first place.

In case you haven’t seen the list yet and how many towers are actually on there, here is one of the links: