I’m sure you guys have heard the expression “behind every great man, there is a great woman”. I have found that usually behind every well-oiled flight department there is a Sally-type, usually a smart and motherly character who keeps all pilots and mechanics in line. And I have worked with some really great ones in the past. I have also seen things fall completely apart when these women left, so like many times before in Chicken Wings and aviation history, this comic is based on a true story.

Sally is going on vacation and so will we. Stefan and I will have our annual family meeting which always includes skiing and talking about chickens flying planes. We’re confident that Roost Air will be able to keep operating no matter how the fiscal cliff the US is facing will be handled. There shouldn’t be any interruptions to the European Online Shop but the US Shop will run into a few delays. Everything ordered after January 4th will not be shipped until January 23rd. For an immediate “CW fix” you can get almost all of our books on Amazon as well.

We wish you all a Happy Prosperous and Safe New Year from the coop!