If you have noticed, that our latest book has fewer mistakes and typos inside you may thank our friend Laurie. She is a great lady who agreed to turn our somewhat jumbled random thoughts into real English so our aviation lingo explanations and our character descriptions are readable and easier to follow. We really needed to find somebody with mad English skills and an understanding of aviation. You won’t believe how hard it is to find a pilot who can spell! Thankfully Laurie agreed to help us out.
Laurie is a school teacher and also a rated pilot. She has done a lot of great things for kids and in aviation and is currently going through a rough patch. So we thought we want to show her our appreciation, the only way we know how, by turning her into a chicken.
Thank you, Laurie, and know that we are thinking of you!

In other news: We have determined the winners of our T-Shirt contest! The first prize, a Silver Chicken, goes to Ian Davidson, and the second prize, a copy of our newest book goes to Adam Jacobs! Congratulations and thank you everybody for participating!

In other other news: We’re having a special Black Friday offer in our online shops. To find out more, you have to check out our respective Facebook pages, www.facebook.com/ChickenWingsUSA or www.facebook.com/ChickenWingsEurope.