This week our ten year anniversary draws to a close! It was a pretty cool year for us. We published a new book, went to Oshkosh, re-launched our online shops and had all kinds of other things going on in the aviation and/or chicken departments.
We are really excited about how many new friends we made and how many new projects we got to be a part of. We couldn’t have done this without you guys, voting for us, telling us about aviation events, and in general joining us in our quest to make aviation more fun and tell the next generations all about it.

With this anniversary year coming to an end we will make one change some of you may not like quite as much. Starting next week we will start publishing only two strips per week on our website instead of three. The third strip has been a re-post from our old website and system which has now started to run dry. We will still have a new strip every Tuesday and another random strip on Friday. We hope that all of you will still be checking in with us weekly and not shun us because of the tremendous disappointment over the third strip.
Also, we would like to remind everybody that our books, especially book 4, have a lot of book-exclusive content that will never make it on our website. So, this would be another stop for you if you can’t get enough of Chuck and his crew.