Sometimes I think the advent of modern communication technologies has hampered communication almost as much as it helped it. Sure, there’s exponentially more information being exchanged, but the human interaction is sometimes less efficient than before. In the old days you would agree to meet at the movie theater on Friday at seven. Nowadays you need a dozen text messages and “let’s call each other’s” etc. and still people manage to show up late. Then there’s people who send out emails a couple of hours prior to cancel an event, instead of calling, even though they should be aware that the other party doesn’t get it in time. People missing out on parties because they don’t have a facebook account or aren’t checking it, etc. etc.

But still, information technology is awesome. I remember as a a kid, being amazed at our first telephone with buttons instead of a dial plate. When I compare that to where we are now and extrapolate what other technology I will live to see, my mind is already boggled in advance! Still, communication skill is something people will have to learn no matter what technologies are available.