Just fallen out of the airplane. Charlie, an avid Chicken Wings reader who talked me into this, is holding my hand to comfort me.

This strip was made especially for the folks at the Para Club in Wiener Neustadt West (LOXN). It’s a place just a few kilometers south of where I live. They were friendy enough to take me on a tandem jump in return for this strip. An amazing experience, which I can only recommend to anyone! Thanks again, guys! I wrote a bit about it in this blog here.

The plane in the comic is as accurate a copy of the Dornier DO 28 D2 (callsign D-IEDO) as I could manage. She’s a pretty colorful bird! And I can proudly say, that I did not rip off the belly radio antenna when I jumped!

The Para Club is celebrating it’s 30th birthday this summer! So, happy birthday to all the brave men and women over there!