When I worked as mechanic for the flight school (the one which was the main inspiration for Chicken Wings) I always inherited the customer Cessna Skymasters. I worked for a Cessna dealer before and knew a little about them and in this new job I was the only guy who knew them. And as the local C-337 owners talked amongst themselves, word spread quickly that there is a guy on the field who knew Skymasters. I spent almost 2 years working on nothing but Skymasters. They fly nice but as a mechanic I hated them! So much maintenance and so few parts!! And you have to be quadruple jointed in order to reach certain sections in the rear engine compartment.

So, this conversation happened exactly like you see it in the strip (with me being Julio in this) between me and a customer. The plane taxiing by was even the same color.

Another fun fact: Trade-a-Plane refused to print this strip. Their argument was that Cessna is one of their biggest customers and they didn’t want to offend them. They also said that they have Cessna Skymaster Fan Clubs who might take this strip the wrong way. Made sense to us when they said it but we never thought of it before.

But we have not received any threatening letters yet, and something tells me this “fan club” must be comprised of pilots and not mechanics… 😉