Oh, which pilot hasn’t been there at least once in their flying career? I have certainly learned my lessons and there is a good video online about the girl in the back seat puking as the two guys up front are putting the plane into a zero-G nosedive. They also learned their lesson I am sure!

This also is the perfect strip to announce I’ll be at the “Planes of Fame” airshow in Chino on Sunday the 6th! I’ll be hanging out and watching our buddy “Rob, the Tumbling Bear” fly his aerobatics routine.

Aerobatics are pretty much the only thing that gets me sick. I can do boats, planes, helicopters, rollercoasters… So I am always really speechless when I watch him fly!

Also, when it comes to warbirds, Chino is one of the best shows I’ve ever been to.
Come see us at the show!