Tell us about your favorite strip and enter to win a Silver Chicken!

It is still our 10th anniversary year and we thought we should have another event to celebrate with you guys. So we decided to give away one of the last few remaining “Silver Chicken” coins that we had minted for this occasion and have another contest for you!

Even though silver hasn’t spiked again since May 2011, it’s still worth double than what it was 2 years ago. Here is your chance to win one!

Silver Chicken (10 year anniversary silver coin)
This one is an easy one and everybody gets one vote.

Simply tell us which one of our comic strips is your favorite and you’re automatically entered for the drawing of another Silver Chicken!

Here is how:

Tell us either the name or the number of your favorite strip (or explain the set-up and/or punchline of the strip) by posting on this page in our forum.


on our facebook page.

The strip number is found between the panels after the “© Michael and Stefan Strasser”.

DEADLINE for your entries is FRIDAY next week, April 27th 2012!

Anonymous posts and posts in the blog underneath this blog post or the daily strip don’t count. We would like to be able to notify you in case you win the drawing and that’s easier from Facebook or the forum. If you’re not a forum member yet, all you need to do is sign up and post one post. We will not send you any of the annoying marketing campaigns, newsletters, and such nor use your info for any third party, honestly! To receive our newsletter (which goes out about every other month or so),
you can sign up here.

Good Luck!