We have a new online shopping system!

As computer half-literates, running our own online shops has always been a challenge for us in the past. But we’ve lived and learned (a lot!) and have decided that it was about time we reacted to all the feedback we received from you over the years. We really wanted to improve the shopping experience for you and make it easier for you to give us money in return for our “fowl” jokes. For this, we have focused on two major things: Simplicity and security.

We’ve thrown out tons of extra features and simplified the checkout process to a couple of easy steps. You will not have to sign up for anything or create an account! You will not have to be a paypal-user! You will no longer have to put in your shipping and billing info numerous times! All you’re gonna have to do is enter the data once, and every transmission of the data will be through Paypal’s secure connection. We have also added more items to our stores again.

To celebrate the launch, and to get all of you to do your Christmas shopping early, we offer a

20% discount on all Chicken Wings and Martin Leeuwis books until Nov. 26th!

To get the discount, you need to enter the promo code “chicken”

So, please check them out by clicking on the images below!