We have a winner for our photo contest!

Man! This was a tough contest to judge. All weekend we’ve already been racking our brains because there were so many good and funny pics. And then the late entries made it even tougher!

But there can only be one winner for this contest so we chose the photo we thought was fun, exciting, creative, crazy, and cool all in one. It’s the photo posted by CharlieAT. So, congratulations CharlieAt, you won a Silver Chicken!

We have a winner!

Actually we liked all his photos so it was even hard to choose from within them. HOWEVER! This doesn’t mean the other weren’t great. Like I said, there were so many awesome ones that deciding this truly gave us a headache! Thank you all for participating and showing off all these great shots. I hope you guys enjoyed seeing all the entries as much as we did.

And we will have another contest very soon so don’t give up if you didn’t win this time.